HPK 200 DP-240 DP-300 DP-360 DP

Description :

HPK 180 can be categorized as a big machine with its 180 mm shaft diameters and 580 mm rolls diameters .It mostly involves and suits to the sectors that serves to ship building ,underground tunnel contsructions and roofing industry. HEB – IPN – UPN profiles which additionally requires special bending attachment called I/U beam bending attachment that goes among the rolls ,can be rolled down to very tight diameters with HPK 180 and bigger models.

Power that emerges from 30 KW electrical motors , conveyes the oil through the valves and hydraulic hoses directly to the reducer that is attached to the rolls . All 3 rolls are powered with individual reducers .Middle roll slides up and down and rotates with a guide system that sits on bronze bushings.Top roll speed differentiation is secured with automatic flow control unit is inside the hydraulic system. Double speed feature which can be adjusted with a unique buton on the control panel is standart on these models.3 Axis hydraulic equipped side supports are also standart feature on the models ..Control Panel is equipped with a digital read out that reads the position of the middle roll that moves on the above mentioned guide system .

(HPK 150 – 22KW --- HPK 180 – 30KW --- HPK 200 – 30KW)