HPK 120

Description :

Main distinction of HPK 120 model against HPK 100 model is having 3 seperate hydromotor for each of the rolls with planet reduc system instead of HPK 100 model has chain driven system. Power that emerges from 15KW electrical motor transmitted to the pumps and with the helps of valves pressure is adjusted then conveyed to the hydromotors thus rolls got the power.Top roll is fixed but the side rolls moves up and down following an axes.

Rolls speed can be adjusted variably. On this model side support rolls are hydraulic and have 3 axis. IPN and UPN profiles can be rolled to big diameters with a special attachment .2 pieces digital read out counts the pistons up and down movement with 0.1 deviation and rolls cut off position.

(HPK 120 – 15KW --- HPK 160 - 22KW)