HPK 100

Description :

This model resembles to HPK 80 except its 7.5 KW motor. Apart from that machine workinh principal is the same like HPK 80. Power emerges 7,5 KW electrical motor, initially transmited to the reducer with the help of belt and then to main gear that rotates the top roll with chain and distribute the movement to the gears that moves the side rolls.Apart from that 0.75 KW pump motor moves the side roll pistons up and down.

Top roll has a clucth system consist of clutches and stay bolts and that balances the rotation speed in case there is a scroll on the movement depending on the material thickness and diameter.

Euqiped with manuel 3 axis side supports and can be moved up, down, back and forward manuelly, left and right movement also can be rendered by using the screws at the back side of the side support. 2 pieces digital read out counts the piston movement with 0,1 tolerance and adjust rolls cut off position