Description :


PD series CNC plate drilling machine mainly do the drilling process of the junction plate and base anchor which used widely in steel structure, iron tower, bridge, and machining industries etc., and also used widely for flange drilling process.


1. CNC slid drilling head, can control the depth of hole, have the function of drilling blind hole, expanding hole, and chamfering.

2. PLC control system can assure the drilling positional accuracy.

3. The machine have four processing area, 12 hydraulic clamp can clamping four groups of working pieces, can assemble and disassemble the work piece at the same time of drilling.

4. LCD display by PLC control system.

5. Programme based on windows, Auto CAD, and support lofting software TEKLA.

6. Auto chip-removal system, cooling liquid are circular.

7. The Key machanical, hydraulic, electronic parts adopts global brand name.

8. The whole machine are integrated designed, don’t need to lay the foundation.