Description :

As an addition to the sectors that HSS models used, 4R HS Models can be used at the production such as Rim of Wheel, exhaust production, oil tank that has smaller diameters. Differently from HSS Models, on this models there is a single engine, single gearbox and torque motor. The pump starts the lubrication operation with the power that comes from electromotor and by the help of valves and hydraulic hoses it transmits to the gearbox directly.

Top roll ,mounted to the gearbox, is facilitated movement togetger by the torque-engine rotates the gears. As a difference, On this model side rolls and bottom rolls are free-idle and returns with material together. Side rolls up and down movements provided by the cylinders and the movement of linear give place to the orbital called movement. Bottom roll is moved up and down by the method of ramp system called. On all rolls used ball-bearing thus orbital movement is provided. 3 pcs.

Digital read-outs located on control panel as standard makes possible to read the position of side and bottom rolls digitally besides it helps limiting adjustment.